Hawaii Actor Headshot Photographer - Megan

Last month I partnered with Megan to photograph natural lit headshot images that she could use for her acting career. She wanted to have a soft look to them so decided to use natural light instead of studio lights.

The shoot went by so fast compared to normal studio sessions. No lights, modifiers, and stands to setup made the photoshoot feel so simple! Natural light produces a different look than my normal studio vibe but overall I like it!

Mike Vidales is a corporate headshot, actor headshot, and portrait photographer in Oahu. His style approach to creating an image is modern, clean, and stylish.

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For headshot sessions we offer both studio and natural light options in the Honolulu, Oahu area. We have a selection of backdrops to choose from and lighting modifiers to achieve the best look and fit your need. We have affordable rates to work with your budget, thanks for stopping by the blog.