Oahu Headshot Photographer

This past week I was able to collab with Isaiah here in Honolulu. His mother reached out to me to explain his current situation. Isaiah is auditioning for the new Jumanji movie and needed a few updated headshots for the casting agency. I thought it would be cool to shoot this and throw in a few extra poses for them and the agency. 

These types of assignments can either be fun or boring as hell. This one happened to be very fun.  1st off the kids got personality.  He was super funny, appreciative, and entertaining. He had a positive vibe about him, working with these types of clients are awesome. 

In short, casting agencies sometimes have particular requirements. We knocked all the traditional headshot and full body images within the first 10 minutes. After we decided to switch up the lighting arrangement and try a few different poses to make him stand out from the rest.