Honolulu Headshot Photographer - Matt, J.S. Held

Last week the marketing director at J.S. Held hired me to shoot a corporate headshot for one of their team members named Matt.  The shoot went well overall, Matt was super chill and easy to work with.  Working with clients like him really make these types of assignments fun and easy.  We basically shot everything in his home kitchen. I have created a lighting system that is portable and easy to bring and setup in clients houses. For many business workers with limited time and tight schedules, the portable studio system is quite convenient. For this particular shoot, I took my setup to his house in Honolulu and got some great shots that we were both pleased with. 

This shot was taken with a 24-70mm lens at 70mm. I usually shoot my headshots around the 135mm focal length. For this one I wanted a little more depth and dimension to the image so I chose to shoot it at a wider focal length. 

The wall we shot on is white but if you place the light a little further from it and feather the light, you can turn the color grey or black if you have enough distance. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions. Mahalo for stopping by.

Matt Ellison

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