Oahu Yoga Photographer - On Assignment

A few months back Nicole reached out to me to do a yoga styled shoot. I was stoked to collab with her because this was a new request for me. 

Idea: We wanted to create a mystical, surreal type of image. To achieve this, I felt like shooting somewhere with a jungle or forest feel would fit. I also used a strobe since they can help create a dramatic feel to your overall image. 

Location: We shot this image at Kapiolani Park in Honolulu, Hawaii. This park is huge with many different spots to shoot at. I choose to setup near the banyan trees because I liked the textures and lines within them.  It was also in the shade which helps with your overall exposure and lighting control.  

Lighting: I used the Alien Bees b800 as a key light. I always use C-stands and sandbags for safety.  Hawaii can get gnarly trade winds and I've had lights fall on my subjects. C-stands are pretty expensive so if you are more budget conscious, at least purchase multiple sandbags for strobe sessions.  I did not use a fill light for this image. I placed the light just out of frame to camera right. It is slightly placed above her head and tilted downward about 45 degrees.

Editing: Nicole was originally wearing a black top with red pants. I didn't like how the two colors looked with the particular background.  I fixed this in Photoshop and changed her pants from red to green and her top from black to green.

Nicole Zuelke